1. You can’t hurry love

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    You can’t hurry love is an old Supremes hit. Phil Collins did it again in the 1980.


    I am thinking of making it my personal anthem.


    These days it too many people want to you to slide right into to their “love”.

    They don’t want to take time to earn it. 

    Newly minted yoga teachers are ready not only to help you perfect your head stand and crow postures – but to offer non-stop enlightenment download (10)chatter. Employers want you to Fitbit up and share! Why should you– isn’t the work place competitive enough already? Isn’t it supposed to be a “personal fitness device”? I may not want to “share” my virtuous or slothful habits –period. And while it may be a minority view these days it seems counter-productive to “demand gratitude”.

    Darlings, it is my own attitude and — 

    “You can’t hurry love No, you’ll just have to wait
    So make love or make hay but summer is short – so celebrate your way! 

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