1. Seductive eyes

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    Hot sultry days in summer can make makeup appear heavy and tired. The best look is clean and seductive. Keep your skin almost bare; try a BB cream with a minimum SPF 30.  Gel blushers and bronzers look most natural in strong sunlight. Sisley Sun Glow Gel is a sheer-finish tinted gel. It comes in a matte or iridescent finish. This is absolutely my favourite gel bronzer. At $95, it is pricey but it looks gorgeous and it is the perfect way to help emphasize your eyes.


    Liquid liners stay put the longest. The easiest are the magic marker types. L’Oréal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black, at less than $10, is a beauty bargain. It is easy to apply even for beginners and is hard to beat. Use this liner to create a subtle tight line for daytime. This felt tip liner makes it easy to create bold glamourous smoky eyes or trendy cat’s eyes.


    PurMinerals Double Ego Eye Liner gives you the best of both worlds.  There is a liquid liner that applies with a precise felt tip and a smudgy pencil. It comes in black, brown, grey and taupe as well as an array of stunning gem tones. This my new must-have for summer.  $21

    Find it online  and in stores at Ulta, Kohl’s and other retailers.PurmineralsDoubleEgo


    Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner can be trickier for beginners to apply.  It comes in rich jewel tones that will make your eyes pop, especially with a summer glow. It is waterproof and won’t smear. A little $23 pot goes a long way. Try a “blended sweep of colour” for day and a dramatic line over black for night.  

    Charlotte Tilbury Rock N’ Khol Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil is blendable and waterproof. This intensely pigmented pencil created by makeup guru Tilbury lets you blend a bold sexy smoky eye that will stay put even in sauna-like conditions. It comes in black and several other colours. Try it in Violet or Veruska Mink to make eyes pop. $27.


    Finish your look with waterproof mascara.