1. A sizzling beach book

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    Jackie Collins writes books made for reading at the beach or by the pool. Her latest sexy, sizzler, The Santangelos  brings back the character Lucky . The hefty 600-page book is classic Collins, full of sexy-sex, drugs, and violence.  Lucky the rebellious, gorgeous head of the Sicilian clan is running her empire of hotels. She has just decided to open a massive new hotel combined with a movie studio in Las Vegas.


    Lucky is still married to her famous Hollywood husband Lennie. It will come as no surprise to Collins’s fans that Lucky’s children are willful and beautiful. Her son, Bobby, is building his own empire of nightclubs and has fallen for a beautiful young prosecutor. Lucky’s daughter, Max, is running with a too-fast crowd as a top model as she tries to mend a broken heart.  


    As story opens, Lucky and her family are about to be attacked by a powerful enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy them.


    Even if you never read the first Lucky book, you’ll find the story stands on its own. Jackie Collins is an insider and part of the magic that has made her a bestselling phenomenon is her insider knowledge of the rich and powerful, as well as her hotter-than-hot sex scenes.


    Jackie Collins books are sheer indulgence on a grand scale. They are as a decadent as box of fancy truffles, but with none of the calories. You may even burn a few if you lug the hard copy around.


    The Santangelos is a must for Jane Collins fans and very sexy as a beach read.