1. Eat out and stay slim!

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    I have always admired Mark Macdonald, the founder of Venice Nutrition and the IBNFC, the International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller Body Confidence. He knows his stuff. Mark’s advice is practical and effective. Even though Mark is a “celebrity trainer”, his programs work for real women.


    His new book Why Kids Make You Fat …and How To Get Your Body Back is personal. Mark is a new father and he is promoting a new book, so now he is facing the same challenges his clients often have to deal with – fatigue and a new baby.


    Recently, he stated “These past 12 weeks have thoroughly tested my food and fitness strategies, fighting fatigue, eating at endless restaurants and stealing in exercise time while shuttling between cities. But what’s been so cool is that 12 weeks in, I’m actually more fit and leaner than I was 12 weeks ago. I took on this adventure with my eyes wide open and my message to you today is that regardless of the busyness of your life you can live your best health.”


    Here are Mark’s tips:


    Always eat in threes: Skipping meals is the fastest way to overeat and store fat. Simply eat every three hours with a balance of protein, fat, and carbs. This keeps your blood sugar balanced and your energy and metabolism humming.


    When eating out, follow these three easy rules:


    Choose your protein first:  Example: chicken or fish, then a fat. Example: Avocado or Balsamic vinaigrette and then a carb. Example: a salad, vegetables, and/or some brown rice.


    Ask for all food to be prepared without oil or butter and with dressings on the side.


    Stick with water as your beverage choice; it’s clean and calorie free.