1. Are you fighting bad karma?

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    TheKarmaQueensThe Karma Queens, Guide to Relationships can help you see why you keep repeating the same mistakes in your relationships. According to Dr. Carmen Harra, a licensed clinical psychologist, and her daughter Alexandra Herra, a licensed life coach, it might be “karma”.


    These two alternative healers take an unusual approach to problem-solving. They show you how to recognize the karma you may have accumulated in your life and how it may be affecting you.


    They also explain how to use Karmic Cycles to your advantage. The authors use numerology in their work and give tips on how it may help you in your life and relationships. They even teach you how to calculate your Birth Code Number.


    If you are in a pattern of bad relationships and want to try a fresh approach, this may be just the book for you. The Karma Queen’s Guide to Relationships is a fun, easy-to read self-help book full of tips and personal stories.