1. Why don’t you?


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    Many more people are now familiar with the fabulous Diane Vreeland thanks to The Eye Has to Travel, the wonderful documentary about her life and career, which came out in 2012.


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    Diana Vreeland

    Before she became Editor of Vogue, Diana Vreeland was an editor at Harper’s Bazaar, where she wrote a popular column giving what has often been described as “fabulous or extravagant” advice. It was called “Why don’t you…” Many don’t realise this are things she actually did and most are quite smart. I have adopted quite a few of them. Below are a few of my favourites.




    Why don’t you…

    Have two pairs of day shoes exactly alike, except that one pair has thin rubber soles for damp days? Any cobbler can put these on.

    Find one dress that you like and have it copied many times? You will be much more successful than if you try to produce the same effects each evening.

    Tie black tulle bows on your wrists?


    So this week DolceDolce asks:


    Why don’t you…

    Try using contour for every day.

    Pamper yourself with an at-home spa treatment once or twice a week.

    Make it a point of honour to keep dead skin off your feet.

    Add 2 new fresh foods to your diet week all summer.

    Learn a new skill, art or craft this summer.


    Summer is short, so enjoy the sweetness! Happy holiday!


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