1. Girl in the Moonlight

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    The latest novel from Charles Dubrow, author of Indiscretion, is about love, passion, and a consuming desire. Girl in the Moonlight is lyrically written and, although it is set in the last few decades, it reminded me of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s tales of love in the jazz age.


    Quiet, sensitive Wylie Rose is immediately drawn to the charming Cesca and Aurelio when he meets them as a child at a summer party. The golden brother and sister are beautiful, bold, and talented. Cesca and Aurelio are the children of a famous Spanish painter. They and their siblings all have European style and flair.  Wylie is delighted when the family befriends him. But, secretly he is in love with and obsessed by the beautiful Cesca.


    As he grows up Wylie becomes close to Aurelio.  Both young men are talented painters, but Aurelio, encouraged by his family and aided by their enormous wealth, has begun to pursue his art seriously. Wylie is also talented but untrained. He admires Aurlio’s talent and envies his freedom.


    The summer before Wylie leaves for University, Cesca seduces him and seals his fate.


    The story follows the lives of two golden siblings across several decades though Wylie’s eyes. We watch Cesca as she lives the life of a jet-setting beauty without purpose. And we see the passion and pain of a young artist impossibly in love with a beautiful siren.


    The Girl in the Moonlight is a poetic and poignant tale of the power of love, passion, and money. A deeply romantic and beautifully written book it is perfect for a hot summer day on the beach.