1. Beach bag essentials

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    Here are the beauty essentials we think every girl needs for a day at the beach your beach bag for a day at the shore.


    Every girl needs a pretty cover up for a day at the beach to protect your skin. Wear it for lunch at the pool or for the ride or walk home. Don’t forget to include a pair of pretty matching flip-flops or sandals.


    Embellished Linen Tunic Style $158.00 from Barbara Gerwit.



    Keep beach hair neat with colourful and trendy new Scunci soft braided headbands. These come in pretty colours and won’t damage wet hair. You can wear them as headbands but they can also be wound around ponytails or even used as cute hatbands to dress up a saaSun_protective_summer_oil_100ml_HiResScunciheadbandsun hat.


    Don’t primp too much on the beach. Use a cute heart-shaped pop-up brush and mirror like the ones from Conair to tidy your hair or slip on a little colour.  We like Benefit Posietint check and lip stain.  Stains look natural and stay on.


    Apply sunscreen at home and pack your favourite to reapply frequently. But don’t forget your hair. Both scalp and hair need protection.


    SOLAIRE Protective Summer Oil  protects hair from chlorine and salt water.  It contains Sesame and Castor Seed Oil as well as UVA/UVB sun screen  to help keep hair healthy in the sun –wet  or dry.  (Available June 1, 2015 www.renefurterer.com)


    Wear a hat to protect your scalp and ears if you are spending time in the sun.  Choose one with a broad brim.


    Antiseptic wipes and Nexcare No-Sting Liquid Bandage will help keep small scrapes and cuts from getting infected – and from stinging.