1. Say no to waxing

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    If you wax your brows to may want to stop now. The combination of hot or even warm wax and repeated pulling of your delicate eye tissues is a fast way to speed sagging. The ancient art of threading, which is favoured by Eastern beauties as well as many celebrities, is much kinder. In the hands of an expert, threading is also quicker and much less painful.


    NYC beauty expert Umbreen Sheikh is the owner of the popular Wink Brow Bar in New York City. “Every woman knows how delicate the skin is around the eyes, we’re even told to simply tap on eye products with the ring finger to avoid any tugging or rubbing,” she says. “I’ve noticed that women who have waxed all their lives are more likely to have some hooding around the lid and thinner or more sun-damaged skin on the forehead and brow area, whereas women who’ve grown up threading stay younger longer.”




    Brow bars with expert threaders are popping up everywhere. Look for one in your city.

    In Atlanta try http://naturalidentity.us/

    Brow bars are often less expensive than spas and offer services like tinting also.