1. Acne can happen at any age

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    When “beauty tips for the prom” came over my desk, I had to giggle; I always do when someone says 30 is the new 20, or 50 is new 30.  I don’t think so. Many us look better and feel stronger at a later age, and that is fabulous. But we also work harder, play longer into the night, and stress out. The result is that many women experience acne breakouts at 20 and 30. I battled it for years. Acne can happen at any age but it can be treated!


    Acne is no joke. It can ruin your event, damage your confidence, and scar you badly. It can also hold you back at work as we are judged on our appearance and confidence. So take care of any skin issues, especially before any big event or presentation, by following these tips from Rachel Nazarian, MD, from Schweiger Dermatology Group:


    Months before, fix the basics:

    Healthy skin is the most attractive accessory. Until the cycle of breaking out has been corrected, makeup, concealer, and new beauty/grooming repairs will be wasted efforts. Topical creams and lotions from a dermatologist help with pimples and acne, but they don’t work overnight.


    Prescription medications also need a few months to clear skin. Looking for results with less effort? Ask your dermatologist about red light/blue light therapy and PDT light therapy to help dry up pimples while decreasing redness. These stress-free procedures can fit into a quick pre- or post-school visit, but like other acne treatments, they need to be started months in advance.


    Weeks before – Brighten Your Skin:

    Chemical peels are a great way to enhance skin health as they even out the tone and correct the texture. Dr. Nazarian recommends the Vi-Peel. It’s easy to do with your dermatologist, and great for sensitive skin and most skin types.  I recommend at least three sessions, spaced three weeks apart. Medicated wipes and pads are also available, helping each patient safely achieve smoother looking skin at home. Pads soaked with glycolic acid and acne-fighting ingredients are a nice option for teens who want something they apply at home to help treat their skin a few weeks before the big event. Medical chemical peels, lasers, and light therapy can cost around $150 to $500 per session.


    Days before – Nutrition & Sleep:

    Take care of the inside! Mom was right: you are what you eat. Keep nutrition well-balanced and focus on drinking plenty of water; staying away from high-sugar foods and drinks, and filling your plate with antioxidant-rich items, such as fruits and vegetables.