1. Are you a conversation guillotine?

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    Do you interrupt?  I don’t mean casually interjecting in a conversation among friends. What I mean is do you jump in and just cut off conversations like a guillotine.  I see this all the time. The worst offenders physically insert themselves into the conversation – literally blocking  off the person they want to speak to from everyone else. It is jarring and very rude. I have been on both ends of this maneuver. It is not pleasant. Others are more subtle but just as rude as they commandeer conservation.

    It is never a good look. Be aware. Be polite. Have an urgent need to communicate or maybe you are just feeling left out. If you message is urgent then say excuse me. Then keep it brief.  Otherwise try to join the group by smiling and listening. Then make comments that include everyone, after all no like to feel that they have been verbally guillotined.


    Take time to enjoy the sweetness in life.


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