1. Luxury

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    How do you define luxury? The definition is changing all the time. Not too long ago, one simply bought seat on an airplane. It was first come – first served. Now, luxury may be an upgrade to a slightly better seat in a crowded economy cabin. 

    Given these changes luxury is often the space and sensations we create for ourselves. It may be setting aside time to think, walk or to enjoy a favourite hobby.  This time-out can feel blissful –like playing hooky.    Luxury can also be simple. Languishing clean fresh sheets or a hot bath with exotic oils are two of my own luxurious indulgence. Cashmere, good perfume, and grown up toys are all very nice too –and please some of my favourite people. 

    So now when things seem to be all about leaning in and cutting back – I am going to tell you to luxe up a little. Create a little softness around yourself.

    Life is too short not to be sweet. 

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