1. Fashion trend: Palazzo pants

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    Wide-legged, high-waisted, and elegant, Palazzo Pants are a hot trend for spring and summer. The perfect Palazzo pant makes your waist look tiny with a belt or sash. The long, full pant legs create the illusion of height when worn with heels. The silhouette is chic and effortless. 

    St. John Silk Palazzo Pants, $695 from Saks Fifth Avenue (R) 

    The first “Paparazzo Pant” craze was created by designer Princess Irene Galitzine in the 1960s. The Palazzo Pajama was her signature look. Socialites such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Marella Agnelli wore them.


    Now designers such as Martin Grant and Balmain have revived the look for spring. It is more flattering and feminine than other versions of wide-legged trousers popular this season.


    To try this trend, look for wide pants that fall from the hip with soft volume. The waist should be defined and belted. A heel will help to balance the fullness and add height. Keep your top close to the body and fitted.