1. Modern Regency romance

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    Four Nights with the Duke is the second book in Eloisa James’s Desperate Duchess series.  This book features the Duke of Pindar, a character from the first book in the series, Three Weeks with Lady X. 

    The jaded and dissolute Duke of Pinder, Vander to his friends, is surprised to find Mia Carrington waiting for him. The two have history and it isn’t pretty. Mia’s father caused a scandal with Vander’s mother.  As a teenager Mia accidently embarrassed Vander with a schoolgirl crush. Now she is in his study trying to blackmailing him into marriage. 

    Mia is desperate but she won’t disclose her true reasons to Vander. Vander is feeling mean and put upon. He tries to chase her off with insults, advances, and even offers of a dowry, but Mia needs the protection of his title. 

    Finally the two strike a deal. The Duke and his Duchess will spend only four nights together. Then Vander exiles Mia to the country. 

    In true Regency style, the sparks fly between the reluctant pair. James romances are cut above average romance. The characters fence with sparkling wit and sizzling with sex appeal.  These Regency romances are sexy and spicy. Fans of the genre will be hooked on the Desperate Duchess series.