1. People can’t give what they don’t have

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    If you have been butting heads in a relationship with someone, perhaps a family member or friend, have you considered letting it go and reassessing the relationship? There are some things people will never agree on or give you no matter how hard you try. 

    You may be right or entitled to the things you want – such as love from a parent or respect from a friend. But if you have been asking or working on the issue for a while, then it is time to accept that “people can’t give what they don’t have”.                          

    A parent may love you in “their own way” but not be comfortable talking about your new religion, childless choice, or sexuality. And it will hurt. You may never change them. You can change how you react. And how it makes you feel. 

    Friends may not agree with your politics but if they openly dislike your partner or lifestyle – you may have a problem. 

    Understanding that people “can’t give what they don’t have” can save you a lot of time and pain. You can then decide what the relationship is worth to you. You may be able to reach a place of understanding that you can both live with comfortably.

    Take time to enjoy the sweetness in life. 

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