1. 10 Minute desk workout

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    Life doesn’t always allow for the ideal, such as a lunchtime workout or a yoga class. And sitting all day and late into the evening compounds the problem. 

    John Rowley, a bestselling author and certified personal trainer, has a great exercise program for you. His 10 Minute Lunchtime Circuit and “Desk-ercise” will work every muscle in your body. It will show you how to tone, strengthen, and de-compress your body in less than 10 minutes without any special equipment. 

    John Rowley’s Lunchtime Desk-ercise Workout (five minutes to fit): 

    Desk pushups: Place your arms on the desk. Step away from the desk and hold your body in a plank. Then push away as if doing a regular pushup.  Repeat for30 seconds 

    The Wall (street) sit:

    Using the wall next to your desk, sit at a 90-degree angle, knees aligned with toes. 1 minute 

    CEO-worthy calf raises: Standing with feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly lift up on to toes, stretching calves. Hold 1 second, then release. 1 minute 

    Hamstring kickbacks:  Stand behind your chair, gripping back for support. Slowly kick one foot back, aiming the heel for the top of your thigh. old for 2 seconds, then lower the foot back down and repeat exercise with the other leg. 30 seconds per leg 

    Lunchtime leg lifts:  Sit in office chair, gripping chair arms or bottom of chair. Keep legs straight and slowly lift legs to a 90-degree angle. Hold for 3 seconds, and then slowly lower. 30 reps (about 1 minute) 

    Time-Saver Toe Taps:  Sit on desk chair, back straight, legs out. Tap those toes as fast as you can on the floor under your desk, or on a garbage can. 30 seconds