1. About Bio-oil

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    Bio-Oil is popular but controversial beauty oil. It is well priced at four ounces for about $14. 

    Bio-Oil was launched in 2002. It quickly gained popularity and a reputation for helping everything including dry skin, itchy scalp, stretch marks, dry elbows, blotchy skin, and acne.  

    The oil is controversial; it contains mineral oil which some people claim is harmful even though there appear to be no studies to support that claim. Mineral oil is widely used in pharmacies and is still the main ingredient in baby oil. Another problem naysayers have is the” breakthrough” ingredient “Pur-Cellin,” which is not actually listed in the ingredients. Pur-Cellin is a duck oil by-product. “Bio-Oil” now claims to be “inspired by Pur-Cellin.” So what is actually in Bio-Oil? The label says: Mineral oil, sunflower seed oil, Retinal Palmitate and botanicals. These are effective and accepted ingredients for beauty oil. That being said, Bio-Oil feels great and leaves dry skin looking great. It is not a miracle cure, but it is an effective and lightweight moisturizer. And while moisturizing is recommended to prevent stretch marks nothing can promise to prevent them and nothing will cure them. 

    That being said, the longer I use Bio-Oil the more I like it. I think the combination of Vitamin A or Retinal Palmitate and Vitamin E with botanicals in oil makes skin look great.