1. Romance among the “impressionists”

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    In I Always Loved You, Robin Oliveira brings to life the loves and lives of some of the painters who created one of art’s most romantic movements. The story focuses on the relationship between Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas. Oliveria sees it as a romance between the older, earthy Frenchman and the wealthy, upper-class American. 

    The story opens as an elderly and blind Mary Cassatt is remembering her younger days in Paris. As she recalls her lover and their tempestuous affair, she burns his letters.  Thus Mary Cassatt forever takes the secrets’ of her romance with Degas to her grave. 

    Oliveria captures the spirit of Belle Époque Paris and the vibrant personalities of the Impressionism movement. 

    Art experts now speculate about the creative relationship between the American painter from Philadelphia and Degas, the Frenchman who painted ballet dancers and bordellos.  Robin Oliveira paints a passionate and fraught romance. 

    I have Always Love You will delight romantics and art lovers alike.