1. Truvee from the French

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    I love a good story and I love a good wine. The McBride Sisters have both.

    Andréa and Robin McBride both grew up in wine country but on different continents. Andréa grew up in Monterey, California and Robin in Marlborough, New Zealand. The two sisters share a father but the girls never even knew of each other’s existence until after he had died. Yet, even before the invention of Internet they managed to find and meet each other. Now they have they have created Truvée. The name is derived from the French verb “to find” and it reflects their amazing story of two sisters finding each other and “finding their vision.” Truvée is their second wine venture, eco.love Wines.

    I met with the sisters in Atlanta. Truvée was the official wine of the Atlanta Film Festival. The McBrides invited me to come taste their newly-launched wines and I was delighted. In addition to being beautiful and charming – the ladies know wine. Andréa and Robin are the first African-American sisters to own and found a wine company. eco.love, a zero carbon wine venture, was their first.

    Andréa described their Central Coast wines as “old world” style. I would agree. Truvee Chardonnay and Red Blend are delicious and beautifully packaged.   

    Truvée is nothing like the recent crop of citrusy and often sweet sub-standard wines marketed to women with cute names. Truvée Red Blend is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Merlot, and Zinfandel. It is full of fruit without being sweet or too jammy. The full-bodied wine was made for BBQ. I will be serving Truvée Red

    Blend this summer with my favourite grilled dishes.

    For my oenophile readers here are the tasting notes from Truvée:

    Alex and Robin McBrideAlex and Robin

    Nose: Blueberry, blackberry, and red cherry notes

    Palate: Full body, blackberry, blueberry, and red cherry, with the addition of caramel and cocoa-influenced from the use of French oak and very light, soft, tannins.

    Finish: A long, smooth, decadent finish

    Blend of Grenache, Syrah, Merlot, and Zinfandel

    I will admit California Chardonnay is tough for me. I dislike the heavy oak flavour that you find in many of them. Truvée Chardonnay is lightly-oaked so the crisp flavours of pear and citrus come through with a warm hint of vanilla. It is a delightful white wine with that pairs perfectly with tricky to pair  menus like Thai and Indian. This is a Chardonnay I enjoyed drinking.

    Tasting notes from Truvée

    Nose: Pear, pineapple, green apple, honeysuckle, and citrus

    Palate: Tropical Fruit, white peach, citrus with just a hint of vanilla from a light use of French oak.

    Finish: A long, clean and crisp finish

    I was surprised when Robin told me that the Chardonnay was only $15.99 a bottle. It tasted like a more expensive wine. That is also price for the Red Blend.