1. Get blown away

    SmootCarterGraceyHitchcocksm.jpgRecently, I “got blown away.” I love it and looked fabulous afterwards. Smoot Carter, CEO and company founder showed up with his team to demonstrate the beauty on demand service that has taken Dallas by storm. 

    The new mobile beauty app, http://www.blownawayapp.com/, launched in Atlanta on March 18. I predict it will be big hit.  Blownaway lets any woman get ready for a big night in the comfort of her own home, office, or hotel room. How much nicer and more relaxing it is to have the beauty makers come to you, rather than spending your day running from appointment to appointment. 

     Transformed by my Blownaway beauty team – aren’t they talented and beautiful! GraceyBlownawaysm.jpg

    As a beauty editor I have been coiffed and made up by some of the best in the business. I was impressed with the Blownaway team. The two ladies really knew their stuff. I have had my hair and makeup done at the same time and it is often awkward. The women were able to work seamlessly.  My hair wasn’t pulled and my scalp wasn’t burned. 

    Blownway offers a menu of glamourous hair and makeup looks but they were able and anxious to customize it for me and even asked to see photos.  All of the products used were top brands that are long-lasting and natural looking. When the team finished my two toughest critics – my husband and concierge – were impressed. I was also very happy. The blow dry lasted two days. It would have lasted longer but I work out almost daily and get sweaty. 

    The cost, including tax and tip, is $65 for a blow dry and $65 for makeup. There is a discount for orders of more than $100 and for groups. We have our own discount code too. And if you are blow-dry addict, you may want to consider a membership for an even better deal. 

    I am not an easy audience. I am picky about my makeup and my hair. I want it flawless. I was impressed by Blownaway.  

    You can download the app on your iPhone or order from your laptop. Here are our special promo codes: 

    dulce15 – $49 Blowout ($16 off)

    dulcecombo – $105 Hair & Makeup Combo ($30 off) 

    Here I am with Smoot the man delivers “beauty on demand” 

    Smoot told me that he drove more than 1,200 fares as an Uber driver in Dallas. It seems it was all to see how the company worked. The Blownaway app is now a part of Good Look Holding Inc. and ready to style the world by storm. If Blownaway works as well as Uber, by delivering reliable and creative beauty-makers on demand, it won’t be long before women consider getting Blownaway a prelude to a big night out. 

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