1. The power of Ginseng!

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    Traditional Korean Medicine used the rejuvenating power of pure Ginseng for centuries.  Sulwhasoo, the Korean skin care phenomenon loved by beauty mavens around the world harnessed the power of Ginseng with their new Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum.  

    According to the company, “patented Ginsenisphere encapsulation technology improves the ginseng’s absorption into the deepest layers of the skin by five times to effectively target deep rooted wrinkles.” Sulwahsoo uses only rare six-year-old ginseng to make the capsules. The serum is designed to restore skin’s youthful resilience, smooth out lines and increase volume, firmness, and resiliency. 

    I love the top Korean and Japanese skin care lines. Like many of my fellow beauty editors, I adore the elaborate cleansing regimes and focus on sun protection.  As a past acne suffer and paler-than-pale girl, I adopted both of these so-called trends decades ago. I am now reaping the benefits.  The French have combined science and botanicals for years with brilliant and soothing results. The Japanese and Koreans do the same with traditional herbs and science, and the result is dazzling. Asian women have an absolute dedication to maintaining a flawless porcelain complexion which is still a mark of beauty that defines and influences their skin care.  Sulwhasoo is a must-try for all true beauty mavens.