1. Plan a memorable Valentine’s Day

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    Justin Parfitt, CEO of Heylets.com and the founder of a top dating company

    that was sold to Plentyoffish.com, promises“a unique experience” for Valentine’s Day that will trump flowers or chocolates. His company, HeyLets.com, calls itself is “a social city and travel guide that focuses on experiences our users enjoy, and matches you to relevant recommendations.” It says it is “dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences.” 

    And the data from their national survey shows that both men (43%) and women (46%) prefer “something creative that requires thought” as their top Valentine’s Day gift.


    Here are Justin’s tips for planning a memorable Valentine’s date: 

    Don’t waste your time sifting through low-star restaurant reviews on traditional review sites and apps.  Negative reviews are based on people’s personal dislikes that often aren’t applicable. 

    Instead of wading through suggestions by people who have totally different tastes than you and your date, first identify someone who has your same sensibilities – and see what they recommend.  (This takes only one minute using HeyLets.) 

    It is great to have plans in place, but after you’ve hit your first spot why not do something memorable in the moment?  Using such apps as HeyLets, you can see what other daters are doing right now and pick and choose from the best.  www.HeyLets.com


    DolceDolce tips:

    Almost all restaurants and entertainment venues will be crowded on Valentine’s Day, so reservations are a good idea to avoid disappointment. Expect long lines everywhere. You might want to use services like Fandango to buy movie tickets in advance.

    Check that car services and other popular services are not charging a “surge fee” or if there will be long delays.

    When planning at date keep your companions’ tastes in mind for Valentines’ Day the activity should be something both people enjoy equally or something the one planning it “gives” to delight the other as an act of love. So don’t plan a rock climbing date for your indoor girlfriend or an afternoon tea for new boyfriend who is a casual outdoor-type of guy.

    A champagne balloon ride of the city might a great date for this couple.