1. 50 Shades too many

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    As Valentine’s Day nears, the hype over 50 Shades of Grey is building. I have seen product tie-ins that make sense, such as for sex toys. But I am shaking my head at the ones for nail polish, wine, and a host of other items that seem hard to connect to E.L. James’ sexy bestseller. 

    It might just be me, but the whole 50 Shades thing seems dated since the first shock wave at the popularity of the rough-sex romance hit. Perhaps, my ennui is due too many months of breathy Beyoncé-laced teasers or too many E.L. James-sanctioned cheesy Shades of Grey products, but I just feel like I have already seen it all 50 times too many. 

    I am curious how everyone else will react. Will 50 Shades be another Twilight mega-success or we have all been “Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no” at one too many times. 

    Happy Valentines’ Day darlings however you chose to spend it. 

    Take time to enjoy the sweetness in life. 

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