1. Organic tea, a refreshing choice

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    Organic tea – either freshly brewed or bottled – is becoming a popular choice for people looking for a tasty alternative to soft drinks and coffee. Hot tea has always been popular but there has never been a greater choice of exotic blends and flavours.

    Numi Organic Tea a  just launched Justine Blend’s. It was created by the winner of Numi’s “Create Numi’s Next Signature Blend Contest,” Justine Klein.  It contains smooth white tea, zesty ginger, tart hibiscus, orange peel and licorice.  Justine’s Blend, as are all Numi Organic Tea’s blends, is certified organic, Kosher & Hala Certified, and made with 100 percent real ingredients.

    Verdant  Kitchen, a company founded in historic Savannah, Georgia, offers Ginger Turmeric Green Tea, a blend of organic Imperial Green Tea, as well as their own locally-grown organic ginger and turmeric which give the tea a “mellow and earthy taste”.