1. Simple ways to heal

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    Recently, I received an email from  a woman asking for advice. She had been through a very difficult a time and was having a hard time coming out  it. What she described was very painful.  She was feeling exhausted , frustrated, and unable to move forward.

    After a great deal of thought I answered her. The advice I gave her sounds very simple but it can make a great deal of difference. I suggested that she walk outside for at least 30 minutes every day if she was not up to trying yoga classes.  Walking in nature is one of the easiest and most healing things anyone can do and yet  many people resist.

    I also recommended avoiding toxic people whenever possible. Surprisingly , I have found many people in distress seek out unhealthy or negative company.

    And lastly, I advised her to refrain from meaningless conversation. As harmless as it seems, endless chatter with idle people robs the mind of peace and focus.

    I wish I had always known how to heal myself, but I, like most people, had to learn the hard way.  I was lucky to have good teachers.


    Until next week take time for the sweet things in life and slow down for a few minutes of quiet.


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