1. Unbecoming

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    22571781Rebecca Scherm’s debut novel Unbecoming sneaks up on you. It is a wickedly compelling tale about a sad, unloved little girl who steals a family for herself and then goes on to become a master criminal.

    As the book opens, Grace is hiding in Paris. She has changed her name and appearance. She is working for a crooked art restorer as well as doing her own little deals on the side. She is terrified her accomplices in a robbery will come looking for her. She has betrayed her husband as well as her childhood friends.

    Scherm has crafted a story that grabs and toys with you as it pulls you through a tight and twisted plot. She artfully spreads evil and culpability through her cast of characters so casually you almost forget to be shocked. She just lets it drop that Grace’s childhood boyfriend’s lovely family, a local doctor and his wife, turn a blind eye to their son sleeping with her. Grace is not even 13 when they first have intercourse. His mother fixes her a room in the attic so she can sleep over. Grace’s own parents are too busy with their new twin boys to pay attention or care. So Grace grows up at her boyfriend’s house as his live-in sex partner. Scherm has been compared to Hitchcock and Donna Tartt, but as I read I was reminded of the great writer Daphne du Maurier and the subtle but wonderfully-crafted plot of her famous novel Rebecca

    Unbecoming is a fascinating read.