1. Have a truly “mythic” mane

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    If you want to have the kind of hair that poets write about and men swoon over – and they really do get weak in the knees over gorgeous hair – then let go of the myths and learn the science of beautiful hair. Old wives’ tales (and it is wives’ not wise) not only won’t give you lux locks but some of these old adages, such as 100 brush strokes a day, can actually ruin your hair.

    Dermatologist Rebecca Kazin, MD, FAAD is here to save you from committing the “five worst hair habits” so you too can cultivate a “mythic mane.” Here’s Rebecca’s list of the five worst hair habits:

    Skimping on quality tools                  Lady Godiva had reason to be thankful for her “Mythic Mane”

    It’s counter-productive to spend a bundle at the salon but use sub-par styling tools. Heated styling devices are very important to the health and appearance of hair. A powerful blow dryer limits drying time and a ceramic flat iron minimizes ‘hot spots’ and hair damage.

    Rocking a pony regularly

    You may think skipping the heat styling in favor of a low-key style is sparing your hair. However, repeatedly pulling hair back can cause traction alopecia (hair loss from chronic tension on hair).


    You don’t need 100 brush strokes a day for healthy hair! Quite the opposite; excessive brushing can ruffle the hair cuticle and cause breakage.

    Shampooing daily

    Lathering up every day can be very drying to the hair. If hair is ‘dirty’ (such as after going to the gym), you can just shampoo the roots and use conditioner on the ends.

    Brushing wet hair

    Wet hair is fragile and brushing it when wet can cause major breakage. Use a wide-toothed comb to avoid excessive pulling.

    Stay away from these hair sins for long, strong gorgeous locks.

    To find out more about Dr. Kazin or to consult her: http://www.rkmd.com/#!about_us/c1a73