1. Silver Bay

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    JoJo Moyes’s novel Silver Bay is a love story but it is also a novel about change.

    Three generations of women live on Australia’s beautiful but isolated and outdated Silver Bay. Kathleen was once famous as girl for catching a shark but now she runs the Silver Bay Hotel and a couple of whale-watching boats. Her niece, Liza, and grandniece, Hannah, live with her.

    Liza is a beautiful woman who is content to hide away in a beach community. Hannah, Liza’s daughter, shares her mother’s love of the sea. But as Liza enters her teens she also craves adventure and a taste of world outside of Silver Bay.

    The three women have no idea how their small, safe world will change when an English man, Mike Dormer, arrives. Quiet and friendly, he is there to research how to turn quiet Silver Bay into a mega-resort.

    If his plans succeeds he will destroy Kate, Liz, and Hannah’s world and perhaps threaten the whales. But if he fails, Mike will lose the promotion he has been counting on. But does Mike really care?  Before leaving for Silver Bay Mike’s fiancée was planning their wedding. As the plans progressed Mike found himself feeling ambiguous. And when Hannah innocently asks him with childlike seriousness, “Are you sure she is the right person?” Mike answers in the affirmative, but starts to wonder.

    This is my favourite Moyes’ s book to date,  though not all her fans would agree. I was immediately drawn into the world of the strong independent women of Silver Bay. I found the struggle between wanting to keep things the same and the need to move forward compelling and real. This is a deeply moving story of love, loss, and secrets that will hook you and then reel you in.