1. Anti-aging algae

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    EverDeep is one of the newest complete anti-aging skin care regimes you can buy online or from an infomercial.  Many women like the convenience of ordering a single line that is replenished monthly by mail. The approach is so popular that some premium department store brands have begun offering similar deals.

    What is unique about EverDeep is, according to company, “the Algasome Complex which comes from a unique strain of algae found in the deep waters of northern Europe.” The products also contain other popular anti-aging ingredients such as peptides, and anti-oxidants.

     Some types of marine algae have been found to be effective at slowing the signs of aging and to contain anti-oxidants, so the premise makes sense.

     I tried a sample of the introductory kit. The products feel great. The five-piece basic kit costs almost $40 a month for what is supposed to be a 90-day supply. That is not inexpensive considering the small size of the products. The products that come in these types of skin care kits tend to be what I consider “travel size”.  Most of them would not last me for the full 90 days.

     EverDeep is an option for women looking for an effective and gentle approach to anti-aging. The products feel great and the ingredients are effective. If you like buying skin care products this way, and find the sizes adequate for your needs, this is definitely one to try.