1. Beauty trend: Hair vitamins

    hairClick on the top title to open and scroll  If you have noticed your hair is not as thick and lustrous as it used to be, you may want to check out hair vitamins, pricy supplements that are intended to help slow hair loss or make hair thicker.

    Experts agree a healthful diet is essential for healthy hair. Make sure to eat lean protein, whole grains, legumes, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, black cod, eggs, and nuts, all contain fatty acids that are beneficial to hair and skin. Your body also needs  Vitamin C to make collagen. Citrus, red peppers, berries, papaya, and kiwi, as well as broccoli, are all good sources of C. Experts who study hair loss have also found that biotin, silica, and various botanicals can also slow hair loss and help hair become stronger and healthier.


    Harsh chemicals, high heat exposure, or constant tension from tight hair styles or hair extensions can all damage hair and even cause hair loss. Sudden or accelerated hair loss should be reported to your doctor as it can be the sign of a more serious issue. Hair thickening shampoos, masques, and conditioners with ingredients such as caffeine and wheat protein can help hair to look fuller and help it to resist breaking. For women who want more help for thinning hair, but who don’t want to go the pharmaceutical route, there are supplements.


    Supplements for thin hair and nails are not new but they have become more sophisticated and expensive. I recently tried a sample of Hairfinity Hair Vitamins. These vitamins are among the less expensive of the “sold in salon brands” at less than $25 dollars a month and slightly less if you buy in quantity.


    The formula contains Biotin, a favourite of hair doctors for decades.  It also contains Niacin, Vitamins A, C, and D. The creators of Hairfinity Hair Vitamins say that “Vitamin  D helps prevent hair shedding which is critical to a voluminous fuller head of hair.” Vitamins A, C, and D are crucial to health, however, what amount may or may not improve hair has yet to be officially established.


    Hairfinity Hair Vitamins also include Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12 and Silica. Silica is the hottest new thing in hair growth supplements and there is evidence that it helps.  Hairfinity Hair Vitamins includes sulfur, another very hot ingredient in hair and skin care, as well as amino acids.

    Will all of this help your hair? From a purely scientific standpoint the jury is still out, but what I really like about Hairfinity Hair Vitamins is their website www.hairfinity.com. It has more before and after testimonials than I have ever seen. And the photographs are really good.

    You can see the improvement, when it is dramatic and when it is not.  The site also has excellent information about hair and hair care. if you have problems with hair loss and breakage.


    As I said before, it’s still unclear whether and how supplements work. If you experience sudden hair loss please see a doctor.  Noticeable sudden hair loss can be a sign of a more serious health issue. But if you have thinning hair and want to try hair vitamins, check out Hairfinity.