1. _wei-dragon_blood_eye_lifting_pad_Click top title to open and scroll  Dragon Tree Sap, also known as Dragon’s Blood is a secret of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used to heal and strengthen the skin. This healing tree resin can help plump and lift skin while it protects against environmental damage. Wei Beauty uses the secrets of traditional Chinese herbal medicine to create effective beauty products.

    Wei Beauty’s Face Lifting Pads are imbued with Dragon Blood to help lift and firm the skin.  Wei has pads for the eye as well as for the chin and jaw. These refreshing pads are easy to use, and are a great choice for women who prefer a natural approach to addressing the signs of aging.

    Wei Beauty Dragon Blood Eye Lifting Pads.

    Wei Beauty Face Lifting Pads for jaw and chin area.

    Each package 0f 10 pads costs $68.