1. Undersea intrigue and romance


    Click top title to open and scroll  In Night Diver, Elizabeth Lowell marries spicy romance with undersea intrigue for an entertaining page-turner. Kate Donnelly is one of the “Diving Donnelly’s,” but since the death of her parents Kate no longer dives.  She doesn’t even go near the sea. As a teenager, Kate was alone the night her parents died. They were killed while making a dangerous night dive. Kate never recovered from the trauma.Now Kate has been lured back the sea to rescue her brother and grandfather. Their salvage contract in the Caribbean with the British government has come under scrutiny and they need Kate’s business expertise. The last thing Kate expects to find on her duty trip is romance, but when she meets Holden Cameron the attraction is immediate and mutual.Cameron is the investigator sent from London to investigate her family, but Kate finds herself fascinated by the strong, exotic stranger. Cameron can’t resist a red-headed damsel in distress.

    Lowell raises a run-of-the-mill yarn above the ordinary with her captivating characters, vivid details, and unexpected plot turns.  Fans of romance and adventure will be delighted!