September 2014

  1. Chatting with Brandi Glanville

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    Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is best known for her candid and often outrageous remarks.  It was her sense of humour and outspoken manner that first drew Brandi and series favourite Lisa Vanderpump together.  Last season, many fans were dismayed to see their friendship break down. Brandi took time let me know where their relationship is now as the new season of RHBH has wrapped. She also shared some of her beauty, fashion, and fitness tips. Brandi is a former model and she always looks fabulous on the Housewife show, which is known for style.  

    In addition to being a “housewife” Brandi is a New York Times bestselling author. Her second book, Drinking and Dating: P.S. Social Media Is Ruining Romance captures her thoughts and adventures as a newly single woman in Beverly Hills. 

    Here is our interview with Brandi Glanville: 

    DD: What would it most surprise people to know about you?

    BG: I think people are shocked when I tell them I was a gymnast for nine years – up until I was a freshman in high-school – mostly because of how tall I was, 5’10”.  

    DD:  What are your three beauty must-haves and why?

    BG: My three beauty must-haves are EMK Placental Serum, Shu Essence Absolu hair and body oil, and my Bella Semplice 24kt gold under-eye patches. They are only $5 and really work.  

    DD: What are your fashion must-haves for everyday?

    BG: My everyday fashion must-haves are white jeans. I’m obsessed. I have about 50 pairs. Simple comfortable sundresses from Veronica M and DVF and, of course, my Haviaina flip flops.  

    DD: What is the secret of your fitness routine?

    BG: My secret to minting my shape is trying to make it three times a week to my Pilates trainer and wearing ankle weights when I can’t make it or am just running casual errands. If you do Pilates, ankle weights can help your lower stomach and help keep your booty lifted and perky.  

    DD: What is always in your handbag?

    BG: Always in my handbag is, most importantly, a dpi-pen for my eldest son who has a condition called angio-adema and can go into shock at any given time for no reason. More frivolously I have cinnamon Orbit gum, and a little makeup case with roll-on perfume, concealer, blush, and lip smackers Chapstick in strawberry banana.  

    DD:  How is your relationship with Lisa Vanderpump these days?

    BG: My relationship with LVP is on the mend at this time. I can’t really go into much detail because I don’t want to spoil the show, but no matter what happens between us I will always love and care about her. Friends fight sometimes and it usually comes from a place of hurt feelings which clearly means we care.




  2. Smile-enhancing lip gloss

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    Certain shades of lip gloss can actually make your teeth look more yellow or grey. Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss from Whitening Lightning comes in colors that can help make your teeth look whiter and brighter. Color your smile lip gloss also contains peptides to make lips look fuller. There is even an LED light in the cap for perfect application anywhere. 

    It is priced at $24 a tube or take advantage of the special and get three for $24.





  3. “Jet-setter “tooth paste

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    Marvis, the Italian toothpaste in the elegant silver tube, has been a favourite of the so-called “jet-set” for years. The pricey dentifrice comes in a variety of types from Whitening to Jasmine-Mint.  Jasmine-Mint has a perfumey taste not unlike another European import, Violet pastilles. You will either love it or hate it. I happen to love it. It leaves my teeth and mouth feeling super clean. I love floral flavours like rosewater so it is my idea of heaven. 

    Some people object to the lack of fluoride in Marvis toothpastes but again this is a personal preference. On the advice of my dentist I use a whitening mouthwash that also “re-mineralizes” my teeth. Marvis toothpaste is the most elegant thing that has ever happened to dental hygiene. I am addicted. 

    It is $6 to $10.50 at C.O. Bigelow.





  4. The easiest way to wear fall’s lip trends

    Rimmel Colour Rush Long Lsting Intense  colour balm

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     Rimmel London Lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Colour Balm Crayons is one of the easiest ways to wear the fall’s trendiest lip colours. The line has 14 shades of semi-transparent balm that range from light to bright. These balms really stay on your lips. The colour gradually fades over hours. The look is pretty and chic. I also like the faint vanilla scent. You can’t beat the price of a little less than $5. 

    Rimmel London lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Colour Balm Crayons are truly a beauty bargain!




  5. The Magician’s Land

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    As the final book in Lev Grossman’s Magicians Trilogy opens, Quentin Coldwater enters the back room of a bookstore. He is there to hear a lucrative but questionable offer of employment that involves stealing a special suitcase with a small group of magicians. 

    Quentin has been cast out of Fillory, the secret magical land of his childhood dreams. He has returned to Brakebills Preparatory College of Magic, this time as an instructor.  But just as Quentin begins to be resigned to his life at the college he is led into a dangerous magical mystery. 

    This series had been called “Harry Potter for grownups”. Grossman brings sophisticated, lyrical prose to the fantasy genre.  The Magician’s Land is an intriguing read that will delight lovers of this genre.




  6. Modern regency romance

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    Lynsay Sands’ To Marry a Scottish Laird is a lusty tale of murder, intrigue and romance.

    Campbell Sinclair, a young Scottish lord, is on his way home when he steps in to save a young boy from being beaten by a thief. Campbell is attacked from behind, but he and the boy fend off the thieves. Eventually, Campbell discovers the boy he is travelling with is not a boy but an orphaned young woman on a mission. To say more would ruin an entertaining tale of love, passion, and mystery. 

    Sands writes with all the sizzle and sass fans of modern Regency Romance adore.




  7. Cold-pressed juice


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    Fresh, raw, and cold-pressed are all buzzwords in the booming business of juicing. And if you like your juice with of these words in front of it – you know it is pricy. But it also tastes better than regular juice, even the premium brands. Some even say it is better for you.

    Family-run Red Jacket Orchards in New York produces a juice line using fresh fruit straight from their farm. The line consists of blends, stomps, and ciders. Their cold-pressed juice blends come in such flavours as Fuji Apple, Raspberry Apple, Strawberry Apple, Blackcurrant Apple, and Grape Apple.

     The juices are unfiltered so they can look cloudy like fresh cider. According to Red Jacket, “their juices have 50% more antioxidant power than the leading clear juice.” The juices contain fiber and are flash pasteurized, a process that uses high heat for a short time. This kills microorganisms that cause spoilage without making the juices taste cooked. Cold pressing is also supposed to result in better and fresher flavour. 

    All of our testers loved the Red Jacket Orchards juice. They thought the flavour compared well to other more expensive brands of fresh and cold-pressed juices sold at super-markets. 

    A 12-ounce bottle sells for about $3 in my local supermarket. You can also order online, $17.99 for one 32-ounce bottle.




  8. Goodbye, Joan!

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    After Joan Rivers’s well-deserved, star-studded funeral there seems little left to say besides goodbye Joan and thank you. 

    I grew up watching Joan Rivers on television. I have always been a night owl and I used to wake up and watch The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. My normally repressed mother loved Joan. I think it was because Joan would say things she would never dare to even think. 

    Joan Rivers had a fabulous career and life. Granted, it had highs and lows. Joan was cut off by her friend and mentor Johnny Carson for starting her own talk show in 1986. And she survived the suicide of her husband, Edgar. But in the end Joan Rivers had a magnificent career. She was a star. She died at 81 doing what she loved. She was also surrounded by her beloved daughter and grandson. We should all leave this world the way she did: quickly, after a long successful life and surrounded by loved ones.Joan_RiversDavid_Shankbone.jpg

    Make time for the things you enjoy and the people you love because, my darlings that is truly where the sweet life lies.

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