October 2015

  1. Trend alert: warm smoky eye

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    One of the most wearable hot trends this fall is a warm, blended smoky eye. The look is soft but intense for daytime.


    Glo minerals Limited Edition Eye Shadow Quad in daybreak makes getting this look simple.

    The compact has two soft highlighting shades in matte peach and rose,

    as well as a matte lavender-toned grey combined with shimmering gunmetal.

    The soft, sheer mineral shadows stay fresh for hours and feel weightless on your lids $37.


    Ten percent of the proceeds from this product go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.



  2. Guarantee success on your diet


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    If you have been faffing around about losing weight then you need to read these five tips from Steve Siebold, author of Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People and Fat Loser! Mental Toughness Training for Dieters. Steve Siebold knows all about how to win and what it takes to reach a goal. He is a former professional athlete, national coach, and international businessman. Steve Siebold began studying ‘Mental Toughness Training’ as a world-class junior tennis player in the 1970s.


    Here are Steve’s Five Ways to Guarantee Success on Your Diet:


    Know Your Why

    There’s an old saying in the world of peak performance: “Without knowing why you’re doing something, the how doesn’t matter.” This applies especially when you’re tackling big goals, such as becoming fit. My personal why when I was losing weight was to take back my life, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. How about you? You need to know the reason you’re engaging in this weight-loss venture and then you’ll fight more soundly when it gets rough. Once your why is answered, the how will follow.


    Write about Your Body Vision

    Just as you would write a business plan to ensure success in your career, you need to write a business plan for your body. It doesn’t need to be 50 pages long, but it does need to include the details of the image you want to create. It might include describing the way you want your six-pack abs or legs to look as you shape and sculpt them through exercise, or how big you want your arms to be. Make sure you describe the way you will feel when you reach your goal. This will keep you motivated when the going gets tough.


    Embrace The Discipline

    Something is fundamentally motivating about being on the path to success. The fulfillment the warrior feels when she is fighting the war is unique and unlike any other form of pleasure. It’s a deep psychological satisfaction that accompanies fighting the good fight. Being successful on your diet is no different. Don’t just endure the discipline; embrace it. Stare it down. Look it straight in the eye. When you feel those late-night hunger pangs and cravings, experience them fully. Think about the way it feels in your stomach and your mind. That’s the feeling of victory telling you if you can do this, you can do anything. Instead of fearing the pain or avoiding it, embrace it and the discipline required to continue. You’ll start looking in the mirror and seeing the person you really are and were always meant to be.


    Accept Reality

    The power of psychological delusion in the weight-loss process is formidable. Looking in the mirror and seeing the image you want to see instead of your real self creates a disassociation between fantasy and reality. It’s easy to avoid reality because it can be harsh and even cruel, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s real. It all boils down to the way you want to spend your life. Do you want to live in the real world or fantasyland? Stop pretending you aren’t overweight and that being fat doesn’t matter. Decide to wake up and see the world as it is and yourself as you actually are, instead of mentally medicating yourself with childish fantasy.


    Pay The Price

    We all know everything in life has a price, and losing weight is no exception. It’s your body and your battle to fight. No one can do it for you. For some, success comes quickly. Others will endure a long, drawn-out battle. Whichever experience you encounter, you’ll have to pay the price. Think of it this way: You’re already paying the price for being overweight, and if you stay that way you’ll be paying for the rest of your life. Pay the price one time to become successful and reap the rewards permanently.


    The choice is yours: continue just dabbling around with your diet or really embark on your weight loss journey and conquer it once and for all. Start taking responsibility for your habits, actions, and behaviors and see how good it feels to finally win this fight.    





  3. Asian-style overnight renewal

    Amarte Overnight ExpressClick on the topmost title and scroll down


    If you are serious about skin care, then you have heard about the rituals in Korea and Japan that women use to care for their beautiful complexions. Asian skin care is legendary for its nature-based rituals.


    Amarte is a luxury skin care line developed in Korea and brought to America by Dr. Craig Kraffert, MD, the founder of Derm Store. Amarte combines elements of traditional Korean medicine with cutting edge science’


    Amarte means “to love you,” and elegantly presented skin care line makes you feel pampered and beautiful. The air-tight pump bottles keep the products fresh and hygienic. I also love the refreshing natural fragrances of each product.


    Amarte Overnight Express Therapy is a new multifunctional sleeping mask that boosts brightness, tightness, and clarity so you wake up with renewed skin and a more luminous and fresh-looking face.


    The company describes the science behind the mask this way: “a silk matrix acts as a sponge, delivering peptides and retinol overnight while simultaneously soaking up toxins and oil. I tried a sample. It left my skin looking fresh and refined. I often like to slip it on in the afternoon before going out if I am working at home. It makes a great pick-me-up.


    It costs $79.




  4. Trend alert: Knot it!

    Belted Trench

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    The easiest update this fall is a knot! Seen at Louis Vuitton (bottom image) among others was the classic gentleman’s trick of tying – rather than fastening a belt. It adds a level of cool. To get it right use a longer than average thin leather belt and half hitch. Practice makes perfect.img_6529



  5. Pink kit plumps lips and fine lines




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    I love HydroPeptide’s Perfecting Gloss.

    It feels amazing

    and I can actually see and

    feel it make my lips looks fuller and softer.

    Best of all, there is no sticky feeling.

    Your lips are still kissable. And even if you aren’t

    planning on kissing anyone, your lips feel nice.


    The new Pink Kit is the perfect way to

    HydroPeptide’s Perfecting Gloss if you haven’t already –

    or try the newest shade. The kit contains the gloss in Island Blossom a soft,

    pearl-peach shade paired with HydroPeptide’s

    famous crushed pearl eye cream, Eye Authority.

    This light eye cream is effective and revolutionary.

    It contains of 13 peptides, Hesperidin, a powerful antioxidant

    to improve circulation to minimize dark under-eye circles,

    mineral-rich crushed pearls to illuminate the eye area

    to diffuse the appearance of dark circles, and

    Hyaluronic acid and ceramides to hydrate the eye area without causing puffiness or greasiness.


    And The Pink Kit helps in the fight against breast cancer too! HydroPeptide will donate $5 from the sale of each kit to the Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) program. The company also volunteers company’s in-house aestheticians to conduct LGFB workshops for cancer patients.


    Don’t miss out: The limited edition set is available in finer spas and dermatologist’s offices as well as online at hydropeptide.com from September 1 through October 31.





  6. Protect and perfect


    Click on the topmost title and scroll downAMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact SPF 50+

    Any expert will tell you the key to a beautiful flawless complexion is sun protection, nutrition, good skin care and genetics. 

    The AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact SPF 50+ combines serious sun protection with skin-perfecting

    Asian botanicals to deeply hydrate skin while making small imperfections seem to disappear.

    The “anti-microbial air cell puff applicator “feels cooling and soothing it smooths slight imperfection and evens skin tone.

    The patented formula fills in micro lines and ensures color builds into fine, even layers, while green tea brightens skin and prevents irritation.


    I can see why celebrities, makeup artists and beauty mavens have flipped for it. It makes your skin look flawless but naked.

    The weightless formula “floats” over lines and gently blurs small imperfections. And it feels great on too. It is easy to reapply

    without caking or build-up, and while the coverage is not enough if you have major concealment issues,

     it will cover dark circles and slight redness.


    It comes in four shades including a new shade, 102, for fair skin with pink undertones.

    I am currently wearing it and although I am very fair, my skin is not very pink. This product is perfect. It costs $60.




  7. Bling for breast cancer


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    This large, blinged-out paddle brush is a perfect gift for the girly,

    blow-drying beauties on my holiday list.

    The fabulous rhinestone back makes styling glam.

    And then staggered, ball-tipped bristles glide smoothly through the hair. It is available in black and pink.


    Cross the darling divas off your list early and know that 20 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Friends By Your Side.



  8. Classic Negroni

    Negroni Click on topmost title to open and scroll

    We love a well-made classic cocktail. And where better to get a recipe for a Negroni than from a restaurant with an acclaimed Italian chef? We got ours from the newly-renovated Red Rock Resort in Summerlin, Nevada, reopened under Chef Luciano Sautto.


    While we were tempted by the menu of classic cocktails, it is the house made Truffle Tagliatelle with Sautto’s black truffle cream sauce that has us thinking we need to visit soon. The Piedmontese black truffles shaved over the top of dish served table side are swoon-worthy. Until then we will just enjoy this perfect classic Italian cocktail.



    1 oz. Plymouth Gin

    1 oz. Campari

    1 oz. Cocchi di Torino Vermouth


    Add all ingredients into mixing glass. Add ice and stir for 20 seconds.

    Now strain into rocks glass, over fresh ice.

    Glass: Etched Rocks


    Garnish with orange peel or orange slice. This was originally done to distinguish the cocktail from its lookalike, the Americano, which has no gin.



  9. Celebrate fall

    Click on the topmost title to open and scrollGracey Hitchcock,

    Don’t miss fall! Before long it will too late to walk in the crisp air, buy apples from an orchid and drink just-pressed sweet cider. This is a magical time of year when rhea harvest comes in and nature displays the fruits of her bounty. Make jam or pressures even in a small batch.

    Visit a farmers market or local fairs and taste the season. 

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