April 2014

  1. Banning yoga pants?

    luluClick on top title to open and scroll  Recently middle schools and high schools have taken to banning yoga pants and leggings. One example is a school system in Illinois which is trying to outlaw the close-fitting legwear.The policies and the reasons are varied. In some schools leggings must be worn with a shirt that “reaches nearly to the knee and covers the butt.” In other schools the pants are banned outright for being “too distracting to the boys.”  What is most disturbing are reports that say that “curvy and bigger students” are singled out when they wear tight pants like their peers as being too “provocative or disturbing when they do so.”I don’t understand the problem. It seems prurient. Yoga pants and leggings have been part of mainstream casual wear for the past 20 years. You can thank Lululemon for that cultural fashion shift. It is all part of the casual-comfortable North American lifestyle. It seems oddly old-fashioned for public schools to object to young women wearing the same outfits that many grown women wear to run errands and socialize.

    The idea that yoga pants and leggings are too distracting to young men with cellphones and laptops, as well as host of Internet options for more titillating viewing, is ludicrous. It also seems very wrong to make young women responsible for how and whether their classmates are able to concentrate.To single out young women for censure because they are more developed or heavier than their peers is socially and psychologically damaging. Calling out women in middle school because of their curves or weight is more likely to cause eating disorders or other behavior problems related to shame. Young women of middle school age need to be taught how to use fashion to express themselves, accomplish their goals, and for their own self-esteem and pleasure. It is certainly a more complicated task than simply banning a garment or two that some might find provocative. Young women should never be shamed by their educators for being curvy or larger. Nor should they be told they are responsible for “not distracting boys.”   (R-  A LuLu Lemon shop. Many women consider their pants  a wardrobe basic.)




  2. Blow drying tips from Cindy Crawford’s stylist

    Cindyand GeorgeClick on top title to open and scroll  Recently when Cindy Crawford acted as the guest host for Oprah’s Winfrey’s Life Class, George Gonzalez, a local celebrity hairstylist and the owner of George the Salon styled her hair. It was the second time George has styled Cindy’s hair when she visited the windy city. “I made sure to round brush starting at the bottom to build weight,” explained Gonzalez describing his technique. “Then, I finished the blowout by styling the sections at the top to minimize volume. The result is soft and natural.”  George generously shared his expert advice.

    George the Salon’s Blowout Tips:    ( R- Cindy Crawford and George Gonzalez)

    Hot tools are often the number one culprit for frizz, especially if a heat protectant is never used while styling.

    For a blowout, women often put the dryer directly against the hair because they think that’s the way to get it straight. This is why there is damage and frizz, especially when paired with a metal brush.

    The worst thing we can do is use old blow dryers or not clean out their air vents. Due to lint or hair buildup, air cannot flow through, therefore the pressure goes down and too much heat is used to style.If one part of your hair does not look good, spray it with water and redo it. Never keep going over it dry. This will make it worse. Not re-wetting hair could be the reason most women have bad hair days – they try too hard and then over-dry their hair.A dusting of dry shampoo at your roots will really kick start the staying power of your blowout.

    To further preserve your style, sweep tresses up and use large bobby pins to create loosely sculpted pin curls before you go to bed. Four to six large sections will do the trick. When you release and shake it out in the morning, you will feel as if you just left your stylist’s chair.





  3. Help for dark circles, lines, and puffiness

    123revitaleyes.jpgClick on top title to open and scroll  Lumixyl is one our favourite skin care lines to treat hyperpigmentation. We love it because it really works. It evens out skin tone, lightens hyperpigmentation, and leaves skin looking fabulous. It is a great line with ingredients to help prevent aging and protect skin.Revitaleyes is Lumixyl’s new eye cream. It is designed to counteract the very things that age the delicate skin around your eyes: darkness, puffiness, and creepiness.The lightweight cream contains Decapeptide–12. This is the “Lumixyl peptide” that reduces overproduction of skin pigment.It also contains Chrysin, N-Hydroxysuccinimide, EDTA to help fade discolouration from iron deposits in the skin around the eyes. There is also Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, a soothing botanical anti-inflammatory.Glycerin, Shea Butter, and Sodium Hyaluronate help to plump and smooth fine-line wrinkles while an “anti-aging cocktail” that includes powerful peptides and botanicals fights creepiness.

    This is one of the best eye creams we have tired, especially if darkness or discolouration around your eyes is your problem. The entire Lumixyl line is effective and leaves skin looking healthy and luminous.

    You can find it online and for information at http://www.lumixyl.com and http://www.lumixyl.net in Canada.




  4. Weightless volume for fine hair

    fiberFlaxClick on top title to open and scroll  If you have fine hair and have tired volumizing products that have left your hair sticky or crunchy feeling, you might want to try Klorane Shampoo with Flax Fiber, and Klorane Leave-in spray with Flax Fiber for texturizing and volumizing fine hair.  According to Klorane, tests show that both products increase hair volume by 38.2 percent. I recently tried both products. They left my hair full of body without a sticky residue. If you want a volumizing product that feels weightless in your hair, this one is effective while being almost undetectable.

    Klorane products are also earth-friendly. Both the shampoo and leave-in spay are biodegradable. The company proudly says that  the “exclusive flax fiber is cultivated on Pierre Fabre Agronomie land in France in collaboration with an organic farming collective according to principles of Organic Agriculture.”



  5. Beauty bargain

    _AG45Click on top title to open and scroll  To bronze or not to bronze is a matter of personal taste. But whatever you choose, do it safely and remember a sunless tan does not protect you from sun damage – you still need to wear a good sunscreen.So if you do like a glow you may want to try Australian Sheer Coverage 45 Faces Sunscreen with Instant Bronzer. The gradual sunless tanner has an UVA/UVB SPF 45 and says it is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Australian Gold smells delicious and all of our testers love way it bronzes.  Priced at less than $10, it is a true beauty bargain.

    Find it online as well as at drug and department stores.



  6. Heat protection

    Click on top title to open and scroll  image001When it comes to hair and heat, it is hard to win. Heat can help to make your hair shiny and manageable but it can also dry your hair out and cause it to break more easily. The answer is protection. Never blow-dry or heat-style your hair without “thermal protection” to shield it from damage.

    I recently tried the new Philip B. Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray.  I loved this combination of hair fragrance and thermal protection. The light leave-in spray conditions your hair and shields it from the heat of blow-dryers and styling tools. It contains “botanical hydrators” and a potent L-Amino Acid Complex to protect and pamper tresses.  You can use it to detangle, as a leave-in conditioner at the beach or pool, and before heat styling. The scent is gorgeous and sophisticated and it leaves your hair soft and shiny. If you crave luxury you will want to hair care from PhilipB.





  7. Two Sisters

    download (2)Click on top title to open and scroll  Some sisters are best friends and confidants but others are bitter rivals or strangers. In her novel, Two Sisters, Mary Hogan tells the story of sisterly rivalry, secrets, and loyalty.

    Muriel Sullivant was the baby of the family but instead of feeling pampered and spoiled she always felt like a burden and an outsider.  Her sister, Pia, is beautiful, blonde, and popular, like their mother, Lidia. Her brother and her father have a male-bond that doesn’t include Muriel. Even her mother has an agenda that doesn’t include loving Muriel.

    Now grown up and living in New York Muriel still feels second rate and unlovable. Her sister Pia has a dream life with a wealthy husband, who adores her pretty daughter and perfect home.  Muriel’s parents live separate lives in the suburbs and her brother disappeared years ago.

    Muriel is all set to spend her day off in bed watching TV and eating junk food when her sister arrives unannounced. Pia brings devastating that will unlock past secrets and change the future.

    Two Sisters is a tale of family secrets, betrayal, loneliness, and redemption. Mary Hogan’s plot twists and characters put a new twist on a classic theme of family secrets.





  8. Flowering tea for Mother’s Day

    12_floweringtea.jpg Click on top title to open and scroll  Numi Organic Flowering Tea in pretty glass teapots is the perfect thing to serve on Mother’s Day. The delicate combination of tea and flowers tastes delicious and looks pretty through the transparent pots. The flowering teas come in different flavours such as Dragon Lily, Jasmine Lovers, Lavender Dream, Shooting Star, Sunset Oolong, and Golden Jasmine. The tea pairs well with egg dishes, fresh fruit, and sweets.  Here is an exotic cookie recipe to go with the luxurious tea.  You may also want to brew a pot of Numi Jasmine Green Tea scented with organic jasmine flowers and served it iced. It is delicious hot but stands up to ice very well too.  (Flowering Tea set in Bamboo makes a lovely Mother’s Day gift for any tea lover.)

    Rosewater and cardamom shortbread  cookies recipes

    Preheat oven F 325 160C

    Make these cookies in a stand mixer with a paddle, a bowl with a hand mixer and paddle, or a food processer and metal blade using pulses.

    Place in the bowl of a mixer and mix for a few seconds:

    3 cups all-purpose white flourbambootea.jpg.

    1 cup confectioner’s sugar

    1½ tsp. baking powder

    1 tsp. ground cardamom

    ½ tsp. salt

    Mix the following liquids together her and pour them into dry ingredients slowly with the mixer running at a slow speed:

    ½ cup unsalted butter, melted

    ¾ cup vegetable oil

    1½ tbsp. Rosewater

    Continue to mix or pulse for seven minutes until a ball forms. Form the dough into smooth, round balls, about the size of a small walnut.

    Make a depression with your thumb in each of them.

    Place on heavy nonstick baking sheets or sheets with silpats.

    Chill 10 minutes then bake for 15 to 18 minutes.

    The bottoms of the cookies should be just slightly coloured; the tops should not be colored at all.


    Cool and dust slight with icing sugar when cool. They will keep for several weeks in an airtight tin – if no one eats them!


  9. Shaming

    Profile1aClick on top title to open and scroll  As a woman in the fashion and beauty industry, I have followed the debate about how fashion magazines and cosmetic companies portray women, and how that contributes to the serious psychological problems and insecurities some young women have. I have often written about it. I hold the controversial view that magazines and media play a much smaller part than the hype would have you believe.  The real damage is done to young girls much earlier at home and in school when they are shamed. I believe peers, teachers, and families are the biggest contributors to serious body and eating disorders. I have seen it happen.  I think bullies are created at home and sent to schools where they often thrive in an atmosphere of misguided neglect. Shame is often what drives bully behaviour and promiscuity.

    Life is sweet when young people are empowered to make good choices about health, fashion, education, and exercise. Let’s help them – not shame them.

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